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Blackmail Timer - The Game

You’re a blackmail-slave searching for a mistress using a blackmail-timer that brings you another excitation and challenges you in a new way? You want this specific thrill and you want to expose step by step your personal data or photos? Well, this game called blackmail offers many chances and your future blackmail-mistress, me, LADY ANJA, will go into it. So I offer a new kind of blackmail to all my slaves now with my blackmail-timer.


What is a blackmailtimer?

The blackmail-timer just is an online form on my website where you put in your data. Which data? Well, I’ll tell you in my chat or I’ll give you instructions in my videos what information I demand from you. Here you’ll have to fill out the form and tell me your full name, email, phone number and/or some other personal data. After you’re finished with this a countdown will start and when it ends, the form – and all your data – will immediately be sent to me! Don’t worry, there is enough time to think about it. To think about the fact that all this information about you will be sent to me in a moment. But also, enough time to enjoy this thrill that shortly I will have all this information about you.

Blackmail Timer Game Mail Timer


Who is allowed to use this email-timer?

To use my email-timer you must be at least 18 years old. You also must be aware of giving your data to me! By this you agree and allow me to use this information and data in any way. But that’s it, isn’t it? That is what blackmailing means. I could do anything with your data and you cannot be sure, whether or what I do or not. You also agree that I’m allowed to make use of your photos – which you declare hereby that they clearly show you – on my websites in any way.

Using the email-timer is possible only if you’re a user on my site (, so after registration – which is for free – you can use this email-timer.


What will happen after the countdown and submitting the form? 

I’ll receive an email with your data and your photos. Believe me, the script on this site really is working, it’s no fake. Contact me in my messenger and I’ll send you a screenshot of this mail.

You might be a little bit scared that I could use all this information to discredit you in any way. How do you feel knowing that I, your mistress, are in power? I hold sway over your personal data and photos. I know you’re frightened but you also get more and more horny.

I you are a good as gold nothing will happen. But what about this? We should expand playing this game a little more. You want me to keep your data in a safe place? How valuable is it for you? Do you want to buy your way out of it? Or shall we go on and go much further? To get a little taste check my slave-pillory ( where some of my slaves are published.  Contact me if you want this experience or if you want to go more into detail with other ways of blackmailing. There’s a lot more for you!


Are you ready? Here is your blackmail-timer


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